MindWave is devoted to helping you reconnect and discover your potential and genius.  
A guide to equip you with the tools to experience instant relief and manage daily suffering.  

Create and cement your trail back to your inner truth and wisdom.


Meditation sessions and Transformational coaching are designed and tailored to you, no matter what your experience.

Are you ready to bring the BEING into your busy DOING lifestyle?

This is the secret to nurturing long-lasting peace, passion and balance in your life. The secret to living an enjoyable and fulfilling life.



Are you one; or a combination of:


1. Suffering from or experiencing daily stress, anxiety or depression?

2. Busy with work or family and looking for the calm, without all the beads, bells and whistles?


3. Seeking to develop your spiritual growth or just general well-being?


Learn more about your Meditation session or your Transformational Course.

About the founder

Ali epstone

The reason I’m showing you this big cheesy smile, is because that’s the smile of someone who learnt to untangle negative patterns of life and is now compelled to teach you to do the same.

I believe that anxiety, panic attacks, anger and depression and other patterns of suffering, can be quite easy to dissolve when you know how. 

Stress, frustration and overwhelm is ever present but can easily be managed when you have the tools. The tools are simple, yet profound and I enjoy teaching and honouring them everyday.

I've studied Mindfulness, Zen Psychology, Vipassana, Insight, Vedic/Transcendental Meditation and other mystic and healing practices, alongside a daily practice of Yoga and Qi Gong.


Through this ongoing self-healing journey, I've created MindWave, to share these practises and techniques with you in a simple and easy way. It's wonderful to witness the incredible transformations that my clients achieve. Be prepared to rapidly change your life for the better!

The reviews I receive are very much a big part of this rewarding work.. I hope that their words will resonate and inspire you to start your MindWave journey.


I've thankfully discovered my true passions in life and now continue to strive towards helping others figure theirs out for themselves. There’s a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and many teachers, guides and professionals out there waiting to help you, help yourself live in balance again. 

MindWave will help you start your journey towards living a more enjoyable life, wherever you are in the world and whatever stage you’re at.

Enjoy the meditation on the Homepage, have a read of the Menu and Reviews.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries/questions or book in a complimentary consultation call.

Much love,


Ali Epstone