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“If you are depressed you are living in the past. 
If you are anxious you are living in the future. 
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

- Lao Tzu

About your Meditation session


An essential life skill for living your best life

Have you heard of the benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation, but don’t know where to start?


Looking to cement or deepen your practice and technique?


MindWave is here to help you develop and progress.

I've tried Meditation and I just can't do it!

This is a very common issue and I completely understand the frustration.

You know it's good for you but every time you try, all the noises and distractions take over your mind.

Then you have all of your internal thoughts that you just can't shift! I totally get it. It's a nightmare!


The fact is...

You absolutely CAN MEDITATE, you might just need the right teacher to guide you the way.

This is exactly what MindWave specialises in 'Guiding you on your Transformational Journey'.

MindWave is here to guide you on your journey and ultimately help you help yourself.

There are just a few key points that need to be learned, practiced, and mastered.

You'll be telling someone else just how easy it is to do and how much it's changed your life, in no time!

I'd love to meditate but I just don't have time!

Okay, I hear you...

I totally understand and appreciate that life is full to the brim and there are not enough hours in a day. 

You've got to deal with work, possibly kids? Problems/issues, To-Do lists, and chores, etc.

I get it and totally understand and sympathise. 



I know parents who home school their kids whilst working a job...

People who have families and also successfully run multiple companies...

And also some celebrities and busy types who fly around the world with jam-packed schedules!

How do I know this? 

Because they've all been great clients of mine.

And how can they find the time and you can't?

Well, the answer is something that nobody really wants to hear, ever! :)


The answer is simply, 'Time management'.

These clients felt the benefits and understood how powerful a daily practice of meditation

was for them in their lives. Until you feel that too, I understand that it's hard to get too excited...

All you can do is create a good reason to at least TRY IT so you can experience it first hand.

So what's your real reason for learning how to meditate?

 Ask yourself these two questions.

1) Do you want to change?

2) Are you willing to change?

If the answer is YES to both, then now you have a reason.

Start with the fact that whatever is happening in your life right now,

you want to make a change and you are willing to make a change!

Even if you don't know how just yet! This is your first step!

Congratulations in advance and I can't wait to speak to you.

Ok Ok, I think I'm ready! But HOW do I find the time???​

For the sake of making a change that is going to better your life and the lives around you...


Without YOU the world doesn't exist! Capiche? Without YOU there is no world.


The world needs YOU! Your friends and family need you and most of all,

you need to at least discover and experience the best version of yourself.

One of my favorite teachers on my journey once said this to me.


"There are 72 lots of 20 minutes that make up a day.

Take just 2 of those 72 and devote them to yourself"

- Tom Cronin

Start with 5 minutes and get in touch today.

Doing this IS an ACT OF LOVE towards yourself. This is a great first step!

We'll slowly build up and before you know it...

You'll be reaping the wonderful benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in your life.

That's our guarantee.

Meditation Session Testimonial. 


Ryan, Drummer




What will I learn?

  • An amazingly simple yet powerful technique. 

  • How to manage daily stress and dissolve negative emotions.

  • To achieve instant relief, peace of mind, and strengthen daily focus and calm.

  • A tailored plan of action and a technique to allow you to practice on your own.

  • Optional access to the private inner circle group and receive weekly motivation, encouragement, and inspiration.



Investment £170

Following the session, you'll receive seven days of coaching via WhatsApp.

This will help you weave this amazing new practice into your life.

This optional gift from MindWave has helped many students to really cement a great, solid practice.


Why should I meditate?

There's a wealth of scientific research available to us on the vast physiological

and psychological benefits of meditation. MindWave focuses on breaking this all down for the layman.

 Imagine being able to apply a pause button to your life, to choose your actions based on your true thoughts and judgments, rather than reacting from a lack of confidence, fear, or anger.


Imagine being able to really live joyfully in the moment when times are good, 

being able to accept and move on when things aren’t going to plan and easily let go of the past. 

To live a more enjoyable life and discover your true purpose with focus and clarity.

Ultimately, to live in a state of being in which living itself is a joy.

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