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"Through my own transformational journey

I re-discovered that innate power we all have within ourselves.

My intention is to help re-introduce that power to each & every client

To help nurture, empower & inspire each person to follow their inner bliss


Together we can individually & collectively 

help uplift humanity in the spirit of love & compassion"


Ali Epstone

Founder of MindWave



MindWave is an education & spiritual growth platform

devoted to helping you reconnect and discover your potential and genius.  
A guide to equip you with the tools and experience to ultimately craft the life you desire.

Create and cement your trail back to your inner truth and wisdom, from there your potential is limitless.


All of our services are designed and tailored to you,

no matter what situation you may be facing, your experience or your mindset.

What can Mindwave do for you?

Our client's goals vary, but their results are always astounding. They include but are not limited to:

Want to hear it from our clients themselves?

About the founder

Ali epstone

The reason I’m showing you this big cheesy smile...

Is because that’s the smile of someone who learnt to crawl out of the spiral of doom,

untangle life's negative patterns and is now gratefully compelled to teach you to do the same.

My own transformational journey has taught me that anxiety, panic attacks,

anger and depression amongst many other negative habits and patterns of suffering...

Can be quite easy to dissolve when you know how. 


An excess of stress, frustration and being overwhelmed is ever present in our lives,

but can be easily and effortlessly managed when you have the right tools. 

The tools are very simple, yet profound. I now thoroughly enjoy teaching and honouring them each and everyday.

I've studied Mindfulness, Vipassana, Vedic/Transcendental Meditation, 
Zen Psychology, Ho'oponopono, Energy Healing and other mystic and healing practices. This journey has lead me to enjoy a daily practise of Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodyweight exercise alongside a daily practise of Meditation.

Through this ongoing self-healing journey, I've now created MindWave.

This is purely to help share these practices and techniques with you in a simple and easy way.

Either for the complete beginner or a simple reminder/refresh for the advanced. 

It's been truly wonderful to witness the incredible transformations that my clients have achieved.

From the suicidal to the depressed, stressed or simply lost...

MindWave has created a space for all of the above to allow peace back into their lives.

This has hugely humbled me and for this I'm beyond grateful to have shared these moments.

When you start your MindWave journey, be prepared to rapidly change your life for the better!

To dive right into your own Hero's Journey!

The reviews I receive are very much a big part of this rewarding work.

I hope that their words will resonate and inspire you to start your MindWave journey too.

Thankfully, I've discovered my true passions in life and now continue to learn to;

Balance my emotions, actions and goals and intentions each day.

I strive daily, towards helping others figure out their passions in life too.

There’s a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips these days and there's many teachers,

guides and professionals out there waiting to help you find relief, balance and peace within.

All it takes is just one, small, easy first step. This first step is a simple, yet monumental step forward on your journey ahead.

MindWave will help you start your journey towards living a more enjoyable life, 

wherever you are in the world, whoever you are or think you are...

Whatever stage you’re at in life...

We've got your back!



Ali Epstone

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