It's hard to put into words how much I'm changing for the better. My anxiety is easing which means I can breathe again, I don’t feel as angry, I’m happier and my love of arts and crafts is coming back. I have more energy and I just feel better. There are no negatives. I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm focused! 

It’s been an eventful month, but over the last month I've discovered that little problems don't build up anymore. It's been very positive. Proper good times ahead!
I’m a maniac though Ali when I sink my massive teeth into something it’s impossible to stop.  My meditation plan is exactly the same as when I first started.


I do it when I get up in the morning after my cup of tea once my son has fired off to school. I'm going to continue colouring each box on my calendar afterwards to keep a visual of how far I've come. Plus its super relaxing! It’s been a journey but totally worth it. 

Laura (Scotland)