Have you heard of the benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation, but don’t know where to start?

Looking to cement or deepen your practice and technique?

MindWave is here to help you develop and progress.

What will I learn?

An amazingly simple yet powerful technique. 

How to manage daily stress and dissolve negative emotions.

Achieve peace of mind and strengthen daily focus and calm.

Why should I meditate?

There's a wealth of scientific research available to us on the vast physiological and psychological benefits of meditation.
MindWave focusses on breaking this all down for the layman. Imagine being able to apply a pause button to your life, to choose your actions based on your true thoughts and judgements, rather than reacting from a lack of confidence, fear or anger.

Imagine being able to really live joyfully in the moment when times are good, be able to accept and move on when things aren’t going to plan and easily let go of the past. 

To live a more enjoyable life and discover your true purpose with focus and clarity..

Ultimately, live in a state of being in which living itself is a joy.

What's on the Menu?

The Meditation Session

A one-off, one-to-one,

two hour session online or in person

guided group Meditation

Book a guided group meditation. session.

 Transformational Coaching

Coaching calls are at an hourly rate.


The Transformational Coaching 
is tailored for you and your individual needs.

What will I experience?

Better Sleep

Focus & Clarity

Overcoming Procrastination

Managing Stress & Anxiety




Self Love 

"The past is just a story that doesn’t need to hold power over you.

The future is unpredictable and ever changing. 

The present moment is really all there ever is!

Make all your moments worth being in the moment for."