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Ali and his Mindwave programme has transformed my life, Literally.

The unique practice and life skills I have learnt,
and continue to learn from Ali have aided me in so many ways. I first met Ali after going through something of a breakdown, and instantly his warmth, humour, and intelligence won me over. He tailors everything for the individual - and what began as a meditation lesson for me turned into life skills and goal setting.

He has taught me so much, and seriously got my life back on track. I now cope with anxiety in a completely different way, which consequently means I don't suffer from it very much. My depression has lifted, my motivation returned - and jobs, life, and people suddenly came into my life at the right moment. Ali has become a true mentor and friend.

I feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to him.
I urge anyone to contact him and feel things change.


Christian - Actor
Meditation Session/Transformational Coaching & Guidance

Bruce - Dare To Discover Course
Amy - 12 Week Transformation Course
Clark - 6 Week Transformation Course
Adrian - Dare To Discover Course
Anna-Kay - Meditation
Brent - 12 Week Transformation Course

Written testimonials

Ali came into my reality at perfect divine timing! 

I am so grateful for the heartfelt, Shamanic work he does.

It has authentically changed my life. I have been through some very traumatic experiences and have been searching for relief from PTSD and anxiety for years.


Along the way I had found different sources of healing but nothing that has brought me as much relief and comfort as working with Ali.


He genuinely invests in your story and follows divine guidance to be there for you every step of the way.


Also, he is great at keeping you accountable in reaching your dreams and encouraging you to grow and stay mindful.

 He is a pure, joyful, light being and I highly recommend his courses, meditations and other healing techniques he offers at MindWave Meditation. 


In light and love


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