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"The past is just a story that doesn't need to hold power over you.

The future is unpredictable and ever changing.

The Present moment is all there ever really is!

Allow all your moments to be worth

being in the moment for."


coaching calls


When you can't quite see the forest for the trees...

MindWave is a guide, an ear to lend, a motivator and dot connecter.

Book in your Tailored Transformational Coaching Call


The coaching calls are a great way to help you gain clarity around a current issue,

maybe a problem at work/home or just in life in general?

We can discuss anything you’re going through,

anything you’re feeling or thinking about that you need to overcome or resolve.

Whatever your present concerns or negative patterns, habits or issues...

Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, trauma etc 

The tailored coaching calls are here for you when you need advise and a plan of action!


With each and every call we’ll create a plan and solution to your present issue.

These calls will help you feel uplifted, positive and confident about your life and your situation.


Together we'll find the silver lining and ray of light behind the clouds.

You might want a few calls or maybe just the one. 

Either way, whatever you need, MindWave is here for you.

 Feel free email any questions before booking in.

We look forward to taking your call.

After our call you'll be sent an email with a review and plan of action to implement.

This plan of action will be the start of your Transformational Journey!.

The 'Hour of Power' coaching call is £85 or a 2 hour session is £170..

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