“When we get so fixated on the mountain

We forget how easy it is to take a step forward”

- C.J. Ortiz 

The Transformational Coaching is a proven, structured, life-changing course.
It's designed for you to STOP, REASSESS & completely TRANSFORM your life.

Wherever you are in life right now, this course WILL get you from A to B.

That's a guarantee.

In the 6 week or 12 week course, we'll first assess where you currently are mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually on your personal journey. Whatever challenge you're facing. From here we can get a better understanding of where you want to get to,

what you want to BE, DO and HAVE or experience in this lifetime and how to get it!

I personally look forward to helping you create a blueprint for you to follow and make the steps to reaching your goals, dreams and desires. The process is easy,

all it takes is just a small commitment to your future Self.

The highlights


We’ll figure out and paint the picture of what you want to achieve in life.

What you want to BE, DO and HAVE in this lifetime. No matter how big or small your dreams, desires and goals, we'll create attainable intentions and guide you to achieve

self-actualisation and self-discovery.

Start with a 2-hour introductory video call, where we will discover where you are at, what you’re working with/on and where you think you want to go.

This is to set the scene and allows me to tailor the course to you.


From here we’ll create the steps to allow your dreams, desires,

goal and intentions to become a reality.

Each week we’ll conquer tailored missions that will assist you on this journey. These missions will truly help you discover yourself and your true power & potential. I’ll be there to support you along the way too, in between weekly 1 hour video sessions.


On top of the weekly video sessions, we’ll also do the 2 hour Mantra based Meditation session to give you a powerful life long practice that will also support you on the course.

Or help cement your Meditation if you already have a set practice.

This new toolkit will help you tackle the daily negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and help you cultivate inner peace and healthy habits for the brand new version of you.


There’s two ways to make a great change in life.


Decide that you are going to figure it all out and go for it. 

You’ll most likely try a thing or two, see some results and temporarily feel good.

Statistics have shown that we most likely go back to repeating destructive habits and thinking negative thoughts and the cycle continues. Just like a yo-yo. Without a coach or someone to keep you accountable, it’s just the way we’re programmed to function.

However, this is what we can change if we want to.


MindWave can coach you to achieve what you really want to achieve!

MindWave can be a constant ear and motivator to keep you uplifted and Inspired.

You can either take on the opportunity of a 6 week or 12 week program.

 At the end of either course, you WILL have transformed to a new level.

You WILL get from A to B. 



Let me ask you this...

Are you are sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you fed up with being lost and not being where you want to be in life?

Are you completely ready to follow your bliss and create profound change in your life?

Just take a moment to think about how long you want to be in that yo-yo loop?

If the answer is a resounding YES! To any of the above...

Then for the sake of committing to just 6 or 12 weeks of your life…

You could completely transform yourself and finally break free from the cycle you're currently in.

When you break the cycle you can entertain the notion of getting back to or discovering...

THE REAL YOU! The version of you, you've always dreamt of being. 

Your Transformational Journey starts here.

Just by reading this very page, you've already set the wheels in motion.

You've started to to think and FEEL what the new and improved version of you looks and feels like.

When you commit and invest in your future self, this is when the journey really begins.

This is when life truly gets all kinds of interesting. 


The 6 week Course 

We’ll start with the 2 hr intro session to set the scene.

Then we’ll do the 2hr Meditation session that will give you a powerful, lifelong practice or help you cement any existing practice you may have.

Then we set sail with the tailored missions and one by one we will overcome your issues/obstacles and make profound, life-changing positive progress in all areas of your life.

We will review and assess as we go in the weekly video calls, with support in between via email & text 5 days a week.

This course is designed to fundamentally transform your life, with me as your guide along the way and to reshape your perspective on life and your own unlimited potential.

This is a life changing course and I can wholeheartedly say with confidence, 

this course will be one of the best investments you'll ever make.


Investment £975


THE 12 Week Course

I’m quite overly confident with this course as I’ve had a solid, 100% success rate with my clients.

I also have absolutely no intention of changing those odds.

This course is much the same as the 6-week course but offers even more support and further tailored material to support your journey.

The material might be videos or audios to listen to, audio training and extra encouragement.

The extra time allows us to really dig deeper into your potential, healing and transformational journey.

The extra 6 weeks allows us to work for longer together, to really fine-tune your goals, vision and to cement all your awesome progress.

Our target would be to conquer all your concerns and help set you up with the tools to keep you in check on the other side. From here on out you'll be able to help yourself successfully.

I was once an alcoholic and now I can take it or leave it. I was once was very depressed and anxious, now I’m very happy and free from anxiety and depression.... This stuff really works!!! 

So much so, that I've devoted my life to sharing these techniques with you!

This is so you don't have to suffer the years you may have suffered without this material.


The coaching takes time and energy...

But it's nothing but time and energy very well spent.

You'll experience a huge sigh of relief when you start this course. 

You'll also feel a sense of peace as you build momentum on your journey.

The material in this course absolutely works and I cannot wait to see your results 

inspiring someone else one day in the very near future.

Investment £1950.

A potential starting point;


  • Suicidal or constant negative thoughts?

  • Feeling lost, stuck or in a downward spiral?

  • Stuck in the cycle of addiction?

  • Worry, anxiety, panic attacks or depression?

  • Loneliness?

  • Issues with anger, rage or frustration?

  • Head cloudy and foggy?

  • Lack of motivation, self-love or self-worth?

  • Not living your dreams?

  • Needing to building back your health or wealth?

  • A desire to be true to yourself and experience true happiness?

Your potential course results;

  • Clear, focussed head and mindset towards newly discovered goals.

  • Tools you can utilise every single day to craft the greatest version of YOU.

  • Feeling confident about yourself and learning to truly love yourself.

  • Progress with relationships. Finding the right partner.

  • Tools to notice the triggers that trip you into the spiral.

  • Steps towards healthy living and enjoying life.

  • Having a purpose for getting out of bed and enjoying life.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet or exercise regime.

  • Feeling happy, confident and feeling like you're finally on the right path.



Get in touch for your FREE Discovery call 


This initial call is to simply break the ice and discover how I can help you.

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out or feeling unfulfilled in life?

I've helped lots of people just like you to re-discover themselves,

step into their full potential and discover their greatness.

In this call we'll figure out what your issues/obstacles/vision/intentions or goals are. 

We can discuss anything you’re going through or anything you’re feeling or thinking about.

We’ll create clear vision to help you feel positive and uplifted and decide if coaching is right for you.

I look forward to connecting with you.




Decide whether the 6 week or 12 week course is best for you.

The six week is essentially a crash course and the 12 week course is an extension of the 6 weeks.

The 12 week course has proven to have significantly profound and life changing results from students. This is due to the power of investing in yourself and the natural build in focus and momentum in your wellbeing. Either way, both courses have hugely impacted clients and the reviews speak for themselves. It's also possible to start with the 6 week course, 

then keep going if you're building momentum and enjoying your new flow of life.

This is a general overview of what your course could look like.

Each starting point and end point is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

In the initial email or call we'll create your personal starting point and end goals.


We'll kick off the course with the 1:1 Meditation Session.


This is a two hour, 1:1 session (Video call).

In this session you'll learn a very powerful Meditation technique that has many benefits for both the mind and body. This is a great life tool and will be the solid foundation of your journey ahead.

Whether you've never meditated before or you have a practise already,

we'll create a solid foundation or refresh and strengthen your practise further still.

We'll say goodbye to your Starting point issues and merge into the brand new 

End goal version of you. This meditation session is included in your course.

Usually this session is £150.

From here we'll dive into your very own Hero's Journey for the next 6 or 12 weeks.

I will be here to guide you every step of the way up the mountain of your self-discovery journey.

This is an opportunity and chance of a lifetime not to be missed.





If you are lost, stuck, or not sure where to turn?

Maybe you just need to make a massive shift or change in your life?

I would highly recommend diving in and doing either of the courses without hesitation.

I once got a call from a mother who said "What did you do to my son!?"

He was single, overweight, unhappy, depressed so I coached him for 6 weeks.

Now he's happy, healthy, married and starting a family in his new home with a new job.

Behind his eyes the light is ON! He smiles and he looks better than ever!

I soon went on to teach the whole family over a course of one of the best weekends

 I've had on my teaching journey.

I designed these courses from years of study and research. 

I tried and tested many versions on myself and others to get to where they are now.

These simple yet highly effective courses have helped lots and lots of people completely transform their lives. Not to mention how they completely transformed my own life.

These courses are near and dear to my heart because the outcome and progress is priceless.

The journey is super fun and going through the process is easy,

simple and enjoyable when you see and feel the results.

There's really no time like the present....


Decide RIGHT NOW whether it's time to invest in your life's journey.

If you've been through the mud and need to see the light of day...

There's really no time to hesitate anymore, the time is truly NOW!

Allow your present Self to plant the seeds for your future Self to thrive in life!

No time like the present. Carpe Diem! 


From this very moment until you drift into sleep tonight...

Plaster a subtle smile on your face right now. DO IT!


This is the key to igniting the fire within you.

Just a half smile triggers the whole body and mind into feeling good.

Even if you don't feel it right now...

Take over and brainwash yourself into feeling good and happy.

You are THE BOSS and THE CEO of your mind!

Let go and embrace the joy, love and happiness within you.

ALLOW yourself to really FEEL how it feels to momentarily play with;


I look forward to connecting with you!





Create a blueprint for your life and become the greatest version of you

Key benefits of Transformational coaching


Your true, unique potential & purpose.


Cast out any limitations or blocks you think you may have. Replace them with empowering beliefs


The life & person of your dreams


See the new life you've designed come to fruition

Success Stories

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